Thursday, July 4, 2013

Six Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

 Article by Jennifer Adams

Summer is here! We’re lathering up in sunscreen and taking to the outdoors, eating a little lighter, planning our exercise and gardening for early in the day and drinking lots of water.

Prep your house for summer, too. Here are some other quick, easy ideas that will help transform your house from winter warmth to fresh, cool and casual for summer.

Use slipcovers over furniture for a fresh look. Cooling fabrics in light colors transform a formal, dark colored sticky leather or scratchy wool covered sofa or chair into a much more comfortable perch. Cotton and linen are ideal. This casual draped look from Pottery Barn is washable and light in a soft cotton twill.

Change out your towels, throw pillows and blankets to lighter colors, bright patterns and comfortable fabrics. Also, as you remove blankets from your bed, add a lightweight coverlet or bedspread instead of heavy or textured ones. Cool colors work well for summer. Light grays, pale yellows, blues and greens with ivory and white are refreshing and inviting.

Remove heavy drapery panels at windows, leaving just the sheers or blinds for a light, airy look. Store until the fall, and get the drapes cleaned right before you want to rehang them for a renewed and freshly pressed look.

Change out plush area rugs for flat weave ones in lighter colors. Sisal, jute and coir rugs look summery and feel great underfoot. Consider getting your area rugs cleaned, too.

You won’t need the firewood unless you’re outside. Move the wood from next to the fireplace to reduce clutter and mess. Or, creatively display it in a new way for texture, as this article in House Beautiful' website suggests!

 Reduce clutter, edit knick knacks, take out those extra magazines that have been accumulating for a while. Remove dried flowers and wreaths, especially if they’re dusty.

What’s your favorite way to prepare for summer? Let us know!

Photos courtesy of Pottery Barn and West Elm.

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