Monday, July 15, 2013

Design Tips: Finding Small Spaces for Exercises

Ever have those days where you really want to in a workout, but it just isn’t happening? Your meetings at work ran long, the kids had a birthday party, traffic, whatever… it’s hard! Sometimes you just need 30 minutes of movement to feel rejuvenated.

Prevention Magazine had a great article, “7 Slimming Workoutsfor Small Spaces” that has some really good tips for shaping up and slimming down. If you’re starting an exercise program, consult your doctor first, and spend time with a class or a personal trainer to learn proper form and techniques for any exercises.

Working out at a gym is great, but not always possible. Here are some ideas on how to find a small space in your own home for emergency or quick workouts!

No room in your house for a gym? If you have enough floor space to lie down, you have enough space to do a quick workout. It doesn’t need to be big. A corner of your guest room, living room, dining room, even your garage or laundry room will do. Any place but your bedroom, that’s for relaxing and sleep, and getting your heart rate up in other ways besides working out!

A staircase can be a great place for step-up exercises! Use the bottom step, or the lowest two steps as you get stronger. Look for step-up exercises like these.

Dedicate a large, very sturdy laundry or wicker basket to hold a few workout supplies out of sight when not in use, and you’re ready to go.

Buy a yoga mat. A beach towel over carpet makes a great pad for sit-ups and basic stretches, but it’s not grippy enough for yoga moves. And, over a hard floor, you’ll need some padding anyway.

A kettle bell (shown above) will give you some amazing options for workouts. A selection of sizes will come in handy, but if you’re really crunched for space, buy just the one you’ll use now. See this article in Prevention Magazine for workout ideas!

A couple of lightweight dumbells with a soft, grippy coating in cute colors will make curls and tricep presses fun for anyone!

Adjustable ankle and wrist weights will give you a range of weights for exercises without owning a whole rack of dumbells. Once you outgrow your 2 lb dumbells, add wrist weights to increase the weight by a tiny amount, even as small as a quarter pound, instead of jumping up to a 4 or 5-pounder.

Foam roller. How would you like a free massage every day? If you’ve never used a foam roller to help with sore muscles, back and neck, you will be amazed. It’s more of a stretching routine rather than a full workout, but it will make you feel better and your workouts more effective. Try this routine for starters.

Let us know your workout ideas, we’d love to hear what you think!

Until next time!
-Elaine Bothe

Photos and workouts courtesy of Prevention Magazine’s website, and The Sports Authority.

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