Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Décor Ideas: White on White Done Right

Article by Jennifer Adams

Summer heat and stickiness is a great time to think about whites and light fabrics in your home decor. No other color scheme feels as fresh, airy and light as beautifully done white on white! But you have to go all in. Even if you want a very light palette and go for pale blues, greens, yellows or pinks, a fully pulled-together look takes some planning.

Poorly done, white on white rooms can look cluttered and busy, which defeats the whole purpose. Pure white rooms can look sterile, and if you have just one dark colored item, like a TV, your eye will be immediately drawn to the contrasting black hole.

It’s nearly impossible to get white materials such as walls, wood,  fabrics and flooring to match exactly, so don’t even try. Celebrate changes of texture with slight shifts of color. Just make sure all your whites are in the same range. Look carefully at the white color chart at your favorite paint store. They’re not all pure white. You’ll see how some look ever so slightly warm yellowish, eggshell brown, gray, or the palest peach, blue, pink or green.

Pick your favorite to be your white theme. Consider your flooring and other items you won’t be changing, for example, if you have some warm brown wood furniture, stick to the eggshell range of whites. Got a pale blue sofa? A warm white theme will play that up beautifully.

Start with the easiest: white paint. Sure, it’s just white, but get a test quart and paint a swatch in your room. The light might make it look too gray, yellow or blue or something you can’t even imagine until you see it! If you have medium to dark paint, use a white primer first for the best coverage and purest white color.

Keep it real, avoid white floors and carpets! They sure look great in the magazines. But even if you are a true modern purist with a lot of time to clean, have no kids or pets, don’t drink coffee, tea or red wine and never entertain, your floors will eventually get dirty. Even a light shade of gray or tan will keep your room light and yourself sane.

 Accessorize with objects that are mostly white, too. Or, accent with a color, making sure you use several items in that color for a cohesive look. Group like-colored items together, or tie them together visually and use many throughout the room.

What do you think about white color schemes? Do you have a good story? I want to hear about it! Photos courtesy of Elle Décor, PotteryBarn, DWR and Restoration Hardware.

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