Friday, June 21, 2013

Design Trends for Dining Rooms

"The Architectural Digest Home Show" is one of the places where a high-end designer's ideas become trends. It's where the magazine lays out its pages for the rest of us to drool over at the supermarket checkout. Our design expert, Jennifer Adams, offers affordable tips on how to spruce up your dining room without shelling out a small fortune.

Anything Goes in Tabletop Decor
Why stop at the traditional fruit bowl or candle and flower arrangement when your dining table can incorporate a bit of your hobbies or tastes? A fish bowl with your swimming pet will add a touch of the exotic to the center of the table.  Have some leftover wallpaper? Use it on the table or even the floor underneath to connect the room.

Add a Color Pop to Black & White Decor
The best way to tie together the sleek look of black and white is to incorporate a pop of color in the center.  This can be a simple flower arrangement or a brightly colored collection of knick-knacks.

Paper Lantern Chandeliers
Dare to go bold with one of this year's hottest lighting trends, paper lantern chandeliers. These fixtures add a fun glow to your dining area and come in a variety of colors and prints. The pretty pendants can also be purchased with interesting cut-out patterns that will transform your next dining experience.

Mix Up Your Chairs
Take the pressure off your entertaining my mixing up the seating. The chairs don't have to match in color or in style. Incorporate lounge chairs, benches, ottomans and bar stools. The only thing to keep in mind is that you can eat comfortably at the table from the chair.  The rest is up for grabs.

Glass Lamp Centerpiece
Shine a light on your next dining experience with a glass lamp in the center of your table. Be sure that the base of the lamp is see-through so you can maintain conversations with people across the table. For an added pop of color, consider putting potted flowers around the bottom.

Exposed Bulbs are Hot
A popular trend in home decor is the exposed light bulb. It is reminiscent of the early days of electricity and offers an industrial, minimal tone to the room.  The filament bulb, one of the more popular ones, tend to mimic the effects of candlelight and creates a warm glow in the dining room.

Bring the Outdoors In
In an episode of the British sitcom "Keeping up Appearances," Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "Bou-quet") organizes an "outdoors indoors luxury barbecue" in which she purchases a wide range of flowers and trees to overfill the interior of her house.  While this may be going to the extremes, adding a bit of nature inspiration to your next dining experience is easy to do.  You can hang a wooden garden trellis from the ceiling and hang lighting (exposed or paper lanterns!) from it along with butterflies, birdhouses or other outdoor inspirations. For added panache, incorporate the decor from above into accent pieces on the tabletop.

Dress Up Place Settings
Sometimes the simplest designs are the best.  To create a layered look at a place setting, purchase some inexpensive chargers, place a napkin tied with a bow and add a stem of fresh flowers.

The takeaway: Incorporate your likes into the room and have fun doing it.

For more inspirational ideas, watch Jennifer Adams' "New Design Trends" from The Better TV Show.

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