Thursday, June 6, 2013

Decorating with Pets in the House

Article by Jennifer Adams

Dogs and cats are members of the family for so many of us. We buy birthday presents for them, dote on them and try to take them everywhere, at least if they’re a dog.

Most pets are not picky about their environment, but we are. It’s in our nature to make other creatures comfortable, including the family pets. Plus, it’s fun. But mixing in typical pet furniture might not always blend so well with your sense of style.

Watch for the upcoming release of our own Jennifer Adams Pets line for some beautiful options that you and your pets will be proud to own. But until then, here are some of my tips for living beautifully with your pets.

Bedding: Your pets should not be sleeping on your bed, they need a comfortable bed of their own. Dogs can be noisy sleepers and take up a lot of space especially when they’re hot, leaving less room for you. And, the extra dander, hair, dirt and moisture from your pets add to allergens and potential mold and mildew issues.

Dogs like a lot of padding, and if they have a nice bed of their own they may prefer it to your sofa. Dogs also want to be in the same room as you, so you may need more than one dog bed if you don’t want to lug it from room to room. If the bed doesn’t match your décor, buy or make a washable cover that does. Or, use a sheet or reversible blankets in a nice color. Buy a set, so you can rotate them frequently through your washing machine to reduce dirt and odors.

Cats usually like to be partially hidden or up higher than the floor, so provide soft perches next to windows, high enough for the cats to look out a window. A simple cardboard box is pretty appealing to most cats. A prettier solution is a basket, or, better yet, a few baskets placed in safe, quiet and sunny spots around the house. Line with a towel or two that match your décor, and let your cat think she discovered it on her own.

If your cat insists on sleeping on your bed, which is usually the warmest place in the house, use a washable sheet as a bedspread and put an extra fluffy towel or two and a fuzzy throw blanket at the foot. The cat will likely prefer that to your pillow, but that’s not a guarantee. Cats can be pretty hard to convince!

To help disguise the appearance of fur on your floors, pick an area rug that is easy to vacuum, and in a color that matches your pets’ fur. But when the fur is on the floor, it may have a different color than when it is on the animal. Carpet may not be the best choice in case of accidents, however, and can be difficult to keep clean. I have a friend who shopped for a rug with a clump of her cat’s fur in her hand. She picked the color that did the best job of hiding the fur!

Hard flooring surfaces such as tile, stone or linoleum are also pet friendly, because they’re easy to clean and wood floors scratch easily under pet toenails. Unless your cat or dog is all dark brown or black, mottled colors hide dirt and fur better than solid dark colors. Slip resistant flooring is just as important for your pets as it is for people.

Most of all, if you have pets, have fun and be OK with your house not being perfect. You’ll get some flaws and damage, no matter how hard you try to protect things. Buy inexpensive, washable, durable materials. Aged, weathered and distressed furnishings won’t look more damaged with the extra wear and tear. 

Do your pets rule the house? Let us know your great ideas for accommodating your pet’s needs!

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Anonymous Sadie said...

My cats can't be convinced of anything. I made cute little suitcase beds for them and they insist on sleeping in empty Amazon boxes. Better than on my bed, tho. water damage Houston TX

June 7, 2013 at 12:11 PM  

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