Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Wedding: Make Your Guest Books a Work of Art

Wedding guest books were originally a functional souvenir for the wedding couple that helped them remember who attended their big day event, organize thank you notes and even start a formal address book.  This format has evolved into more of a memory keepsake for the newlyweds with signatures or little love notes from friends and family.  Some people even incorporate Polaroid or photo booth snapshots into a "love note" collection.  There are even wedding day-versions of "Mad Lips" to help loved ones share their thoughts on the newly-wedded couple.

Unfortunately, these keepsakes usually get stored away with other mementos and without a second thought to the sentiment stored within it after the wedding day.

Unique Wedding Guest Book IdeasGuest books are really meant to be a long-lasting memento of the big day and of those who made it complete with their love, laughter and support. Why not create a guest book that will serve as a keepsake to be viewed over and over again?

That was the thought process behind my "Guest Book Canvas" idea.  My husband and I wanted something that went beyond just signatures in a book or "love recipe" cards.  We wanted something that we could hang on the wall and cherish long after the wedding.

DIY Wedding Guest BooksWe purchased artist canvases from Michaels craft stores, which are often on sale or easily discounted with a coupon.  I added embellishments of our wedding, like logo or names printed on craft paper, to the blank canvas with decorative brads.

At our reception, we put out the canvases on a table with Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pens.  We included a handmade sign to encourage our guests to write their names, draw us a picture or leave us a little love note.

DIY Wedding Ideas - GuestbooksAt the end of our day, we had three unique works of art to hang in our home beside pictures from our wedding. I hung the guest canvases outside my home office so I can see them as I breeze past them going for coffee or taking my lunch break.  My eye will catch one signature or the picture of flowers a friend drew for the two of us each time I walk through the door.  It is a simple way to remember the day and those who made it complete.

This is just one example of incorporating wedding day memories into lasting pieces of art for your home.  Below are a couple more to help inspire your keepsake guest book:

Signature Platter
Wedding Outlet - Signature Platter and Pens

This guest book from The Wedding Outlet offers an attractive way for your guests to leave their best wishes.  It also offers an amazing keepsake for your home.  Hang it, frame it or even use an easel to display it on a shelf with other wedding day pictures.

Want to make your own?  You can do this yourself with a ceramic plate and permanent paint pens (think the oil-based Sharpie paint pens available at craft stores like Michaels or Joanne's), like this post from Borrowed & Bleu.

Invite Guests to Write on Something Meaningful on Something Meaningful to You

Style Me Pretty - Wedding Barrel

Like this "guest barrel" from Style Me, a guestbook can be something meaningful to you and your partner.  From wine barrels to hockey jerseys to a vintage headboard, your guests can sign their name or leave a tender note on items that will decorate your home.

Until next time!
-- Weegee Sachtjen 

Photo Courtesy: The Wedding Outlet, Style Me

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