Monday, April 15, 2013

Clever Wall Mounted TV Ideas

You don’t just watch TV anymore. It’s a media experience. From the simplest TV on a shelf in a corner of the kitchen to a fully automated home theater system, TVs are bigger and better than ever before. Even though they’re skinnier than old fashioned TVs, they sure take up a lot of wall space.

Incorporating that massive black rectangle into a nicely designed room is a tricky design problem for all of us, professionals or not. Depending on your décor style, you may celebrate the technology of your TV and equipment, disguise it or hide it altogether.

Important safety considerations: Install all appropriate wall mounting and safety hardware properly, and anchor to suitable wall studs. Metal studs may not be strong enough. Though flat screen TVs are thin, even small ones are still very heavy. 

These TVs can easily fall over, especially if a child or pet tries to climb onto the furniture. To help prevent injuries from use safety straps like these available at Home Depot with your TV, as well as all bookshelves and dressers. Follow the manufacturers’ directions, or hire a licensed contractor to help you install the straps.
Is your space sleek and modern? Show off your technology with glee. In any room, your TV’s clean lines and shiny finishes will blend well with ultramodern styles. The entertainment factor and usefulness of TVs and computers is a huge part of our modern culture, so why not enjoy it in the open.

This "Muro" media hanging system from DWR is a brilliant way to proudly display your TV and equipment without tearing into your wall to install supports. You will need to mount this system to the wall properly, however. And you can paint or wallpaper it to match your wall for a sleek look. If you’re not into DIY, hire a licensed contractor to help.

Ironically, the highest tech innovations are growing smaller and more invisible, such as wireless features and remote controls through your smart phone or tablet! So, in the future you won’t need to worry about where all those wires go.

Want to minimize your TV and all the equipment? For both modern and traditional homes, or in any bedroom, disguising the TV and equipment with built in or free standing shelves is a great way to go. If you don’t mind your TV out in the open, but want it to blend into the décor, use dark wood tones such as this shelving system from Crate and Barrel, below.

Or, compose your artwork and décor around your TV so it doesn’t stand out as much. This composition above, courtesy of Pottery Barn, shows a nice way to accomplish this, especially if you like a busy, rustic look to your decor.

For fully hidden solutions, you can hide the TV in a cabinet or within wall colored paneling, behind a roller shade with an artful design or installing systems that electronically raise or lower your TV from a piece of furniture or the ceiling. Projector systems are also a viable option, particularly in home theaters.

If your TV will move out from its storage space for viewing, be sure to finish off the hole, so it looks nice when it is empty for an intentional and refined look.

Provide adequate ventilation for your TV and equipment. If everything is all cooped up inside airtight cabinetry, the electronics could overheat.

Keep in mind the ideal height of the TV for comfortable viewing. TVs are often mounted too high. Try to position your TV at eye level, but if your room is large, or if your TV is huge, you could go a little higher.

Choose a TV that is in scale with your room. Yes, our TVs are getting larger, so our sense of what feels right is changing, but a 60 inch TV in a tiny bedroom will be overwhelming. Save that for the family room and get a smaller one  for the bedroom.

Until next time!
Elaine Bothe

Images courtesy of DWR, Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrrel.

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