Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Make Some Green This Spring (Cleaning)

There is something satisfying about rolling up your sleeves and diving into the annual ritual of spring cleaning.  While warmer temperatures and more frequent sunshine filled days sparks an urge to clean, if you are anything like me, the most satisfying part is when the task is finally complete.

The custom of spring cleaning had practical value during the 19th century.  March was seen as the best time for dusting for it was warm enough to open windows and doors but not late enough in the season for bugs or the heat to be an issue. Plus, the legendary March winds were strong enough to carry the dust out of the home. Since then, the act of spring cleaning has come to mean any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise.

At Jennifer Adams Home, we believe that your home is the launching pad for success in your relationships and business life.  Taking time for the annual "sponge and purge" could enhance your daily life.

While the actual chore may seem daunting, there are ways to make it manageable and even profitable for you.  Here are just a few easy ways to cash in on your spring cleaning.

Control Closet Chaos

Our clothing closets are a storage unit full of items that were purchased with the best of intentions but never actually worn. Or we continue to hang on to clothes that no longer fit our lifestyle, personality or even our bodies.

Be honest with yourself. Keep clothes that fit and that you love wearing.  Donate the rest to charity or sell your duds in a consignment shop.  To find the best shop for your clothes, visit The Association of Resale Professionals at

Can't bear to part with something but it's not something you are wearing? Think about giving it to a friend, a sibling or even your child. You will get to see it worn and used for something other than reserving closet space.

Cash In On Collectibles

Cookie jars have lined my mother's kitchen shelves for as long as I can remember.  On a whim, I looked up a few of these decorative items and was surprised that the majority of them would go for at least $50.
  • Put your items up for auction on eBay or set up a shop on  
  •  Have a higher-priced collection? Consider an auction house.  While you may take a hit in profits to pay for the service, you will reach serious collectors.
  • Vintage or antique? There are shops that specialize in buying and selling of these special pieces. 
Trade In Technology

From mobile phones to cameras to MP3 players, you can clear out the technology clutter when cashing in. However, the longer you hold on to tech items, the more they lose value.  Just remember to wipe text messages, contacts, calendar and other items off of your phone for safety and privacy reasons.
Recycle Your Wedding (Or Items For A Wedding)

Tea Cups for Sale at Ruffled's Recycle Your Wedding
Do you have unused mason jars? Maybe a collection of vases? An odd assortment of seashells? Hand-painted pots for herb centerpieces?  More and more brides are turning to the Internet to purchase unusual decorative items for their wedding day. Anything from vintage brooches to boleros to mismatched tea cups -- there is a need for odd, kitchy household items as we head into bridal season.

Make Bank with Your Books

Clear off some of your shelves while adding a bit of cash to your wallet. will buy most gently used books. Simply enter the ISBN of each book you wish to sell, click "Sell these books," and wait just a few short moments to receive their  offer. If you like the bid, just send the books to them (they pay for freight) and receive credit to your account or payment via PayPal.

Happy cleaning . . . and cashing in!

-- Weegee Manlove

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