Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kids Wallpaper Ideas That You and Your Children Will Love

By Jennifer Adams

Decorating your child’s room seems like it should be easy, but it’s more complicated than just that. The real trick is to find something suitable for both you and your child!

Many of the themed prints are so easy to overdo. While a very young child’s room should be bolder and more invigorating than your own bedroom, a full mural of “Sponge Bob Squarepants” or other overly garish cartoonish scenes get old very fast, to both you first, then your kids as they grow out of their dinosaur or princess phases.

If your child really, really loves “The Little Mermaid” or “Cars,” stick to a neutral backdrop for the walls and furniture, and accessorize with easy-to-change themed bedspreads, throw pillows and framed posters. By the time the bedspread wears out, your kid will be into something else anyway.

A better way to decorate a kid’s room is to create a backdrop for imagination and creativity. But more than anything what kids really love is to be involved. And kids love making artwork. We found some wonderful wall papers that provide the outlet for both!

One of our favorites is the “Black and White Frames” wallpaper by Graham and Brown. It looks great on its own, and the fun part comes in when you have your kids paint or color scenes directly onto the wall paper, inside the frames as well as the frames themselves! Or cut out paper the size of the frames and have your kids color something, then glue it to the wall. Use in your child’s room or for a fun powder bath or hall accent.

Another great idea is to make custom wall paper or decals out of your child’s artwork. WallTat will print custom wallpaper from your own (or your kids’) designs and you put it on the wall. See their website for the details. We love their fun decals, too, that you put over other wallpaper or a painted wall.

If you want a more traditional look suitable for older kids, preteen or teenagers, look for standard designs in a larger scale or slightly brighter colors than you’d choose for a guest room or your own bedroom. We love these pretty floral medallions for a girl of any age and this camouflage design for an older  boy, both from York Wallpapers.

For a baby’s room, high contrast is important for visual skills and brain development. We love this brown on turquoise polka dot print or these wavy stripes, also by York Wallpapers. These high-contrast  and removable characters and designs decals by WallTat over a lighter wall color would be a fun way to add some charm.

What do you think? I'd love to see your ideas, please share your photos!

Photos courtesy of Graham & Brown, WallTat and York Wallpapers.

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