Sunday, March 10, 2013

How To: Display Your Kids’ Artwork

Is the side of your refrigerator full? Are your magnets maxed out? The kitchen is a great place to display kids’ art, because you see it every day. And it’s convenient, but it sure looks messy after a while. There has to be a better way to fully appreciate your kids’ art!

For a static display, professionally frame a few of the best, and make a composition with other posters and art. But it’s also fun to rotate the latest works while saving the best over the years.

While you also could do a whole wall with fabric-covered bulletin board material or cork, we found a few other great display ideas in an article called “Kids Art Projects and Display Ideas”on the website of Decodir. Check them out.

1. Create an art wall grid with clipboards.
Choose a big wall in your entry, hall or other easy-to-see location. Hang an array of clipboards or creative fasteners like these oversized clothespins on the wall, and you have an instant easy to use display system for pictures and dimensional art. Rotate out the art, saving the old art in a box. Keep in mind children make a ton of art and you can’t possibly keep it all. Once a week, have your child pick their favorite and just keep those.

How to do it: Plan on three rows, the middle being just lower than eye level. You need to be able to reach the top row easily. Odd numbers usually look the best, but this wall shown above looks great with six across because the wall is big enough.

Plot out your grid by finding the center of your wall side to side first, then tape a letter size piece of paper there. By taping more pieces of paper, work to the left and right to figure out how many clipboards will fit, and make small marks evenly across. Make sure you leave plenty of room on the sides, too, so the wall acts like a frame around the whole grid.

Hang at least two clipboards with nails, predrilling a hole first if your walls are hard or made of plaster. If necessary, use wall anchors made for drywall, most hardware stores and places like Home Depot carry them. Ask a salesperson for help if you’re not sure what to buy. Now you can figure out how far apart the rows should be. Measure the space between the two clipboards and use that dimension in between the rows as well. Be sure to add the size of the clipboard, not a piece of paper!

Or, skip the grid altogether and hang the clipboards randomly! That way, you’ll also be able to hang art that’s larger than a piece of paper.

2. Use a floating shelf system.
West Elm sells these nice wood shelves with a ledge in brown or white, and a similar one in metal. You will need to have a rigid back or frame the art first, otherwise just a piece of paper will fall over. Use acrylic picture frames like these from Tap Plastics or a regular art frame for flat art, or a clipboard will work here, too.

3. Use a shower curtain rod, drapery rod or wire.
 Get the rings with clips designed to grab the fabric, and hang the artwork from that, like the photo at the top of this article. These solutions are polished and look professional, if you want a lower budget version, use thick string and wooden clothespins for the same effect.

This idea would also work in an art room where kids’ paintings need to dry.

Living with your kids’ art is a great way to celebrate their creativity and add some fun and color to your home. Do you have any other great ideas? Let us know!

Until next time!
Elaine Bothe

Images courtesy of Decodir’s website and West Elm.

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