Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easy as Pi: Quick Pie Recipes That Will Stun at any Dinner Party

They can be a sweet treat or a savory dish. They are part of our Thanksgiving traditions and backyard barbecues.  And, as the saying goes, "there's always room for pie.

Historians credit the Greeks for developing the pie pastry.  "Then a flour-water paste (add fat, and it becomes pastry), wrapped around meat, provided a way to easily store, carry and provide long-lasting foods on journeys or treks.

In medieval times, cooks had limited access to ovens due to construction costs and fuel resources. However, cooking meat this way often lead to burning or the juices dripped away leaving the morsel dry and tough. Pies were easily cooked over an open fire while the crust sealed in juices.

According to, "these medieval early pie crust were called 'coffyns'   . . the word originally meant a basket or box." They were several inches thick to withstand hours of cooking -- and were almost inedible. Which is why many early recipes focus on the filling, such as beef, lamb, wild duck, pigeon and spices with currants or dates.
Cherry Pie Cups - Courtesy of

Pies have since come a long way, in design and use.  While there are still savory and hand-held versions, bakeries are releasing new varieties of the sweet treats every day. From fruit to custard to cream, people are baking pies for bake sales, weddings, birthdays and holidays.

Here are just a few easy and unique pie recipes for your next dinner party or gathering with friends that are sure to impress:

Cherry Pie Cups
Agent Cooper of "Twin Peaks" and I share a common love for tasty cherry pies.  This recipe from Recipe, describes how to make tasty individual-sized pies in a muffin pan.  The great thing about this recipe -- you can experiment with different pie fillings and serve up a variety on a platter.

Photo Courtesy: Pastry

Strawberry-Mint Pie
Bring the best flavors of summer to life in this easy pie recipe from Southern  This is a great recipe to make ahead of time for a barbecue or even a bridal shower.

Blueberry Hand Pies
This recipe from Pastry was created for friend or family get togethers.  They are pint-sized pies that make mixing, mingling or getting back to the dance floor easy while highlighting one of summer's best fruits.

Easy as pie! 

-- Weegee Manlove

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