Monday, March 18, 2013

Pinspiration: Creative Kitchens that Inspire Us!

With Spring Cleaning coming up, one of the areas we're going to be tackling is our kitchen - cleaning up and organizing our food and cooking utensils. For inspiration, we've put together some of our favorite kitchen inspired Pinterest pins.

Galley kitchens can be dark and dank - but not if every wall is flanked with cabinet to ceiling windows. We LOVE how sunny and bright this kitchen is, and the fact that it opens up onto a relaxing outdoor space!

Space saving is important in the kitchen - especially if you're working with a tight space that doesn't offer a lot in terms of storage. This pull out cutting board with a cutout that leads into a trashcan below is a great way to make dinner prep and clean up a breeze.

Like the first photo, this kitchen is gorgeous with it's large windows that let in tons of light from outside. Even better though, is the beautiful wood island that almost runs the length of the kitchen - a great addition if you love cooking.

What does your ideal kitchen look like? Let us know and link to your favorite Pinterest pins in the comments!

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