Friday, February 15, 2013

To Hang or Not to Hang: Decorating Your Bedroom Walls

By Jennifer Adams

Decorating a bedroom may seem easy, but to set the right tone, it’s more complicated than you might think. We all want to have a space that invites calm and relaxation, but in order to achieve that relaxing and romantic bedroom, you actually have to leave out more more than you put in and avoid the temptation to fill the spaces in your house with stuff, just because you have room for it.

Same goes for the walls, especially in your bedroom.

Here are some of my favorite tips for how to keep the art in your bedroom meaningful and calming.

Tip 1. Simpler is better, less is more. Your room will feel cleaner and more comforting if the walls aren’t packed with art. Your bedroom is a place to focus on yourself. Something over the bed, something on an opposing wall, and that's it.

Tip 2. No family photos or painted portraits. Who can get comfortable with a crowd in your bedroom, especially if your great grandparents – or your kids -- are watching! Leave the family portraits in the more public areas of your home such as the living room, hall and office.

Tip 3. Dreamy landscapes, art with soft shapes like trees in the fog, horizontal lines and calming colors are tranquil and relaxing, and may help you fall asleep. Sharp angles, bold, bright colors like reds and yellow, and busy, action-packed imagery are too exciting and may make you feel uneasy or agitated.

Tip 4. Pairs of accessories such as candlesticks and art portraying two objects are romantic. If you’re short and your partner or spouse is tall, look for objects with a similar scale, to represent you as a couple. If you’re closer in height, get the same size or try to find something that represents each of you in other ways, such as favorite colors.

Tip 5. Hang art over the bed only if you don’t have a huge headboard. Your bed should be the focus of the room and a beautiful headboard will usually stand on its own. Art should hang at roughly eye level – too high looks odd and might crowd the headboard.

If your headboard is minimal or nonexistent, a large work of art helps to anchor your bed, just like a bigger headboard would. In this case, go DIY -- a re-used door or other creative object fills in nicely. Work to find something just the right size, not too big or heavy looking. You don’t want anything hung over the bed to feel like it might fall off.

Tip 6. If you’re into Feng Shui, mirrors facing or over the bed are bad luck. Mirrors in bedrooms are fine as long as they’re not very big, and try to place them so that they do not reflect the bed!

What are your favorite pieces of art in your bedroom and why? Let us know!

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