Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Throw a 5 Star Viewing Party for the Oscars

This Sunday, all of Hollywood's A-listers will be strutting down the red carpet at the 2013 Oscars, hosted by Seth MacFarlane. We couldn't be more excited, since we'll be rooting for some of our favorite movies of last year. But another reason we're so excited is that the Oscars are a perfect party throwing opportunity.

So what can you do to create the perfect Oscars viewing party for you and your friends? We've got a few ideas to help you make your Oscars party into a glamorous (and fun) affair.

  • Take black and white Instagram photos of your guests' red carpet arrivals to create a memento of the evening.
  • Have a station set up with costume jewelry available for guests to try on and accessorize their outfit.
  • Cover your dining or buffet space in a black table cloth with a white runner, giving the appearance of a tuxedo shirt and jacket.
  • Create drink tags for each guests glass with sayings such as “And the Oscar goes to” and the guests name on it so guests can keep track of their glasses throughout the night. Download this template we created and print it out on nice paper.
  • Entertain guest during commercial breaks with your own Academy Awards voting. The guest with the most correct categories at the end of the night wins a special prize such as a DVD of one of the nominees, or a movie theater gift certificate to get a leg up on the competition for next year! Use this matching template for party guests' ballot votes.
  • Create mini gift bags for your guests filled with concession stand treats or fun pampering items like travel size lotions, perfume samples, chocolates or even a gift certificate to a local salon for a mani pedi
For food, forget cooking an elaborate meal or ordering pizza, finger foods are more fun and offer more variety. Choose foods inspired by some of this years Best Picture Nominees. Here's what we'll have on our menu:

  • Beasts of the Southern Wild Hushpuppies
  • Silver Linings mini philly cheesesteaks and meatball sandwiches
  • Les Miz Baguettes and French cheeses
  • For dessert: Mini 'Life of Apple Pi's'
Serve custom cocktails, such as:
  • Argo-tini's
  • Brandy unchained
  • Beasts of the Southern Comfort
  • Zero Dark & Stormy
  • Patron Silver Linings
For an added twist, create Champagne ice cubes the night before by using an ice tray and freezing the Champagne!

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