Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kid Rooms: 5 Ideas for a Cool Bedroom

What’s the most fun room in your house to design? The kid's rooms, of course. They are probably also one of the hardest, since there are so many directions you can go and safety considerations that you need to make. Kids rooms work a lot harder than any other room except maybe the utility room and kitchen. Play, homework, reading, entertaining friends all take place in a child’s bedroom. Oh, and sleeping too.

Here are some great ideas we love for creating and creative kids room.

1. Safety is a huge issue, especially for younger kids and babies - nurseries in particular. All of that beautiful luxurious baby bedding is a no-no. Babies need nothing more than a firm mattress and a sleeper suit. Crib bumpers, pillows, blankets, and even stuffed toys have all been banned from the crib for safety reasons. For more safety concerns, check out the website. For product recall information, see the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

2. Stay Away from Room Themes. Whole room themes, such as Winnie the Poo or dinosaurs are going to be outgrown quickly, and you’ll need to redecorate faster than your kid can sneeze. Choose neutral colors that the child won’t grow out of and accent with replaceable themed objects if you must. If your child loves “Cars” or “The Little Mermaid,” a bedspread and some throw pillows or posters will be plenty. By the time your child has moved on, the bedspread will be worn out anyway.

3. Coordinate Shared Rooms, but Don't Worry About the Beds. This room for two girls coordinates the overall palette, but allows each girl to showcase her own identity. One bed is pink, one is purple. The fact that the two colors (plus the pale blue) are all the same intensity and value (how light or dark the color is) pull the colors together as a whole. White accents keep things light and fresh.

Involve the kids by showing them several colors or items you like and having them pick their favorite. Pale blues and greens work great for girls, while slate blues, browns, and deep reds work well for boys. Gray and dark yellow work for both boys and girls, as shown in the nursery picture below, from Land of Nod. 

Have fun with the mattress covers, instead of the bedding, to bring in some additional color to the nursery.

4. Leave Plenty of Open Floor Space! While the bed should be the focus in grownup rooms, floor space is key for kids. They need room to play, sprawl out to read and to dance. It’s OK to push all the furniture to the walls. Bunk beds or trundles also help open up floor space.

And a fluffy, dense pile rug to cushion all that floor space, and you're golden. Solid color rugs may show more dirt, but make it easier to find small parts of toys like Legos or board game pieces.

5. Focus on Storage and Organization. Shelves, hooks, bins, boxes and baskets make pulling out toys and putting them away much easier. Keep storage low, so it’s accessible and your child won’t get creative with a stack of boxes to reach up high. While the one-toy-out-at-a-time rule is difficult to enforce (and gets boring for the kid) at least it will be easy to scoop stuff up quickly and store neatly.

Pottery Barn Kids has a mostly wonderful section on designing kids rooms and nurseries, though they show some unsafe practices such as the crib bumpers and too much bedding. Check them out for plenty of decor ideas, just make sure to cross-reference this site for safety!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite design tip is for kids rooms. We’d love to hear what you think!

Until next time!
-Elaine Bothe

Photos courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod.

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