Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Create the Perfect Bedroom Sitting Area

By Jennifer Adams

Your bedroom, of course, should be an amazing place to sleep. It should also be a tranquil place to relax and unwind, and it’s nice to have a place other than your bed to sit or lie down. For guestrooms, and bedrooms for us adults and even kids, seating areas bring a little extra function and charm into the room, and help make an inviting environment.

Elle Decor's online articles "Celebrity Bedroom Designs" and "Guest Bedrooms" are packed with inspirational photos in a wide range of styles. Check them out!

Add a one-chair reading area if your space is tight. While you generally shouldn’t add a desk, a chair for a reading area is perfectly acceptable and even desirable, if you have room. A corner, alcove or a bay window are cozy spots for comfortable armchairs. Drape it with a cozy throw blanket, add an end table and lighting, and you’re ready to curl up to finish that chapter of your book. Orient the chair toward the bed for a cohesive arrangement. If you’re tight on space, get a comfortable but smallish chair.

If you have room, two chairs work better. That creates a nice place for you and your partner to chat, or enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine. An end table and lamp in between the chairs is useful. You can place this arrangement oriented toward the bed or toward a window, fireplace or TV. An ottoman for the chairs is a nice touch as well.

A bench or pair of smaller benches at the foot of the bed offers a little bit of seating, enough to put on your shoes. You can’t cozy up with a book, but as long as you have plenty of room to walk around them, benches help finish the look of a room. Look for one with storage inside it for more usefulness.

If your bedroom is really big, a chaise lounge or even sofa at the foot of the bed, complete with a coffee table is a fabulous look and wonderful place to stare into a fireplace or watch a movie. It’s romantic, too, because it’s fun to have a place in your room to make love besides the bed!

Keep the seating arrangements comfortable for two, no more, even if your bedroom is gigantic. Your bedroom is for you and your partner or spouse, and a furniture arrangement that looks like a living room, ready to seat a crowd, feels odd. If I put a sofa at the foot of the bed, I won’t flank the sofa with additional chairs. But, if there is room, I would add another seating arrangement with two chairs, ottoman and end table in a different part of the room.

Designer Mario Buatta is a master at packing seating into bedrooms. His style is busier than I recommend for a calm bedroom, but these rooms are very romantic. Check out these amazing photos at Architecture Digest's online article, "Mario Buatta's Romantic Bedrooms."

The bed is the focus. No matter how big or small your room is, additional seating should be secondary to the bed. If your bed is small scale or low, a high-backed sofa at the foot of it will overpower the bed. In that case, stick to a small scale chaise or just a bench.

Extra seating is for people, not stuff! I know a person who got rid of their chair because his wife kept piling clothing on it!

What do you think about seating areas in the bedroom? Got a picture? I’d love to see it!

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor and Architectural Digest websites.

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