Monday, February 4, 2013

Design Tips: Bedroom Flooring Ideas - Carpet or wood?

Ready to redo your bedroom? Picked out the colors, have the bedding all ready to go but can’t figure out what to do with the floor? Consider your budget first, whether you have allergies, then the style as well as what you already have going on with the floors in your house.

Carpet seems to be the easy answer, especially if you are on a budget. It is soft and warm for your feet, comes in a wide range of prices, colors and styles, and looks great with most décor styles. Low profile carpets with either short pile or tight loops have a beautiful architectural look. Fluffier carpets are luxurious and soft.

The downside is that carpet can collect dust and allergens, and lighter colors may stain easily. Unless you are a professional carpet layer, this is not a DIY project. Nice wool carpets can be expensive, and Berber style, looped or higher end carpets may even require you to buy a different type of vacuum cleaner!

Suction-only vacuums are generally safer to use with those types of carpets. Those vacuums are the ones with a head attached to a hose, and the main body often has wheels and follows you around like a puppy. Upright vacuums often have a “beater bar” or a rotating rod with a brush attached which may destroy your carpet by pulling up the fibers and creating a fuzzy layer. Check with the manufacturers of both your carpet as well as your vacuum cleaner.

Wood flooring also looks great, is easy to clean especially if you have allergies, is more expensive than the cheapest carpets but about the same price as some high end carpets. But prices have come down in recent years, and you have many more options than custom site-installed, tongue-in-groove straight grain hardwood that may last a lifetime.

Cleaning can be as simple as a suction-only style vacuum cleaner appropriate for hard surfaces or a dust mop. Stains and spills clean up fast with a damp rag or towel.

With engineered wood products you can have the same look with a hardwood veneer over a less expensive substrate. Some engineered products can even be refinished once or twice, and are very durable. Laminated flooring products are very inexpensive, but have the finish built onto them and may not able to be refinished. The cheapest may not even have a true wood veneer. Laminated flooring looks great when installed properly, but may not last as long as other wood flooring.

Can’t make up your mind? You can even choose both! Use wood on the floors throughout your room, and add an area rug for softness and warmth, especially at the sides or end of your bed. Area rugs can even be used over a low profile carpet to help create interest or define spaces within your bedroom.

If you have wood or carpet throughout your house already, consider continuing it into your bedroom and accenting with area rugs. Try to minimize the flooring changes for a neutral, cohesive look throughout your home rather than a patchwork quilt of different colored carpets or woods in each room.

Until next time!
Elaine Bothe

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