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2013 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Tips

The first weekend in February is the unofficial holiday known as Super Bowl Sunday.  On February 3rd, friends and family gather to watch AFC champions Baltimore Ravens battle the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. 

The game will be the first time the Baltimore Ravens have had a shot at winning a championship in 12 years, and San Fransisco's first in 18.  It is expected to be an epic showdown as both teams have a Coach Harbaugh (they're brothers).

The Big Game is the perfect occasion for throwing a winning party.  It gives you an instant theme and easy entertainment.  Guests can come and go, mingling and watching the game at their whim.  Foods are usually served buffet style and easy to manage.

For most of the NFL season, fans have watched the game on their home set with little attention to the snacks, beverages or decorating.  If your hosting a Super Bowl get together, here are some ideas to up your game and score big with the Big Game.

Furniture Game Plan
Before the fans arrive, have a game plan for seating. Bring in the extra chairs from the dining room or even the canvas fold out chairs you use for camping.  This allows you to set up each seat with optimal viewing advantage prior to kick-off.  Just be sure to leave pathways for bathroom breaks or commercial break rushes to the food table.

Let Your Team Colors Show Through
Turn your living room into tailgate party central by using wool blankets for the table cover, like suggested. Add some extra fanfare with football centerpieces, ribbons in team colors, team-colored utensils and napkins and even a few balloons. Create tissue paper pom poms or decorate the room as if it were a football field, complete with white masking tape separating the sides.

Want to go all out? For extra points with your fans, you can use a green table cover or runner to turn the buffet table into a field. Use white paint pens or tape to mark off the field and end zones. Party supply stores, such as Party City, are a good resource for inexpensive football decorations.

Buffet Strategy
Set the buffet stations in advance. It is a good idea to serve main course during half time, but be sure to have great pre-game and first quarter snacks.  The earlier the better. Although the game doesn't start until 6:30 p.m. (eastern), the pre-game is just as important to your armchair quarterbacks as the actual game. Be prepared for early arrivals.

Image Courtesy: How Sweet It Is
Hand-Held Foods Go The Distance
Create a menu with few last minute or extended preparations as possible.  There's something about game day that welcomes hand-held food options such as pulled pork sliders, shredded chicken tacos, spicy buffalo wings, a potato bar or make your own nachos. Many dishes, like the pork or even chili, can be made early and kept warm in crock pots. Want a different spin on the old favorites? Try this recipe for Layered Baked Buffalo Chicken Nachos from How Sweet It Is.

Kids End Zone!
Designate an area for the younger crowd to enjoy the get together. Have a few games, puzzles and coloring books for the children to enjoy during the Big Game.

Coaches Corner
The "lounge" is a concept big with weddings this year and the same principle can be applied to your Super Bowl parties.  The lounge is a place away from the TV and screaming fans where people can mix and mingle in a relaxed setting without interrupting the game.  While the Super Bowl is the focal point for the party, it is a social event.   So, have a designated area or another room where people can gather to socialize without disturbing the game watchers.

For extra points, have a dry erase or chalkboard in the lounge area.  Designate one of the game watchers to update the quarter and scores so people know the score and where they are in the game.  Some just want to see the final two minutes of the game so they know who wins or the half-time show.

But above all, enjoy the party and the Super Bowl! 

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Anonymous Abbey Tiderman said...

Great tips Jennifer--you cover a lot of important ground! If you're interested, here are some of ours :)

January 25, 2013 at 12:34 PM  

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