Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Family Activities

The holidays offer the rare chance for family to gather and share valuable time.  Regardless of religion or how you observe the holiday, it is a time rich in family traditions and precious memories.

As we go into the final shopping and extended holiday weekend, it is also a time that may need some event planning. Whether you are visiting loved ones or playing hostess to the extended family, it may be a good idea to have a few inexpensive family-friendly holiday activities planned.

Here are a few ideas for spending quality time with your family this holiday season:

Holiday Reading
Visit a library or search online for Christmas classics that family members can read each night before Santa makes his much-anticipated visit.  Let children and adults alike take turns reading seasonal favorites like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" or "The Night Before Christmas."

Christmas Lights Walk
Take a walk each night through a different neighborhood to see the Christmas lights.  Take a delightful stroll while caroling or sipping on hot chocolate.

Arts & Crafts Time
Using old papers, magazines or even papers marked for shredding, kids and adults can create snowflakes or unique cutouts for the tree.  Another idea is to have everyone draw a picture that will be strung together as a family banner.

Who's Got Talent?
An article on Yahoo! suggests holding a family talent show for members to share their talents, interests or hobbies with their out-of-town members.

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Game Night!
Have the extended family bring their favorite board game when they come to visit. During the visit, you can take turns playing a different game each night or set up multiple areas on one night and allow family to bounce around between the various games.

Baking Night
Baking cookies has long been a holiday season favorite. But how about putting a bit of a twist on this tradition. Bake and decorate sugar cookies to be delivered to a local organization like a nursing home, veterans hall or even the local firehouse. It's a way of getting into the spirit and spreading the cheer to others.

Alternate Lyrics
Think Mad Libs - the Holiday Edition.  As a group, come up with alternative lyrics to some of the season's classic tunes, as in "Dashing through the snow in a _____".

Giving Back 
Holidays are about sharing and what better way to do that then as a family.  Take a trip to the mall and pick an "Angel" off the tree to fulfill a child's wish or donate time at a soup kitchen as a way to share the spirit of giving this season.

Cocoa and S'mores
And last, but not least, there is something magical about curling up by the fire for S'mores and hot cocoa. An outdoor fire pit gathering during the Christmas season is a great way to gather around the warmth and share stories, memories and precious moments.

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