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Want a Better Bed? Create Perfect Triple Sheeting in 7 Simple Steps

According to the National Sleep Foundation's Bedroom Poll results published in April 2012, 78% of people reported that they felt more excited going to bed when they have clean sheets.

  • 78% said they felt more excited about going to bed when there was clean sheets involved
  • 71% say they sleep better on clean sheets
  • 29% reported that they go to bed EARLIER when there are clean sheets involved
A warm, welcoming bed can make the difference between a good night's sleep and one that leaves you tossing and turning for roughly a third of your day.  A neatly made bed makes your bedroom look cleaner and feel calm by reducing visual clutter. Making your bed can be as simple as spending just 20 seconds pulling up the duvet and sheets and arranging the pillows or, at the most complicated, making up the whole bed with freshly laundered bedding.

A bed making method used by boutique hotels and inn, which is growing in home-use popularity, is the triple sheeting method.  It is an easy system that uses three flat sheets and a blanket, quilt or duvet.  Basically, a flat or fitted sheet is used on the mattress followed by a flat sheet on top.  A blanket, quilt or duvet is then spread on top followed by a third flat sheet.

This method for creating a luxurious and welcoming bed has a few advantages:

1) Fresh, Modern Look: Triple sheeting allows you to easily change the look, design or color of a room by simply replacing or switching out the top sheet.  A throw blanket across the foot of the bed and a few throw pillows maximizes this effect.

2) Economical and Hygienic: Bedspreads, duvet covers and blankets can collect dirt, pet hairs, dust, grime and spills. They can be expensive to replace and not so easy to launder. The triple-sheeting method protects the "warmth layer" and can be easily changed and laundered.

3) Comforting: There's something to be said about sliding into a clean, fresh and layered bed. It adds a touch of luxury to your daily sleeping environment.  You spend roughly a third of your day in your bed, why not make it a place you want to be?

Creating the Perfect Triple Sheeting: 

1) Cover the mattress with a fitted or a flat sheet.  If using a flat sheet, make sure you tuck in the sheet all around the bed.

2) For the second or middle sheet, place it on top of the first, making sure the top hem is even with the top of the mattress.

3) The "warmth layer", a light-weight blanket, quilt or duvet, goes on top of the middle sheet but about 6 to 8 inches from the top of the bed.

4) Then place the third sheet or final layer on top of the "warmth layer", with the hem at the top of the mattress.

5) Fold the two top flat sheets down about six to eight inches.  The blanket or duvet should not be in this fold. Then, fold down the two sheets AND blanket another six to eight inches. In short, the sheets are folded twice -- the "warmth layer" only once.

6) Tuck in the top two sheets and the blanket, creating neat corners at the foot of the bed.

7) Add a throw blanket or bed runner and pillows to finish the luxurious look.

TIP: To make laundry day and changing easier, use the same sheeting for all 3 layers.

Fresh sheets are an easy, simply way to make your bed a bit more inviting.  By investing a bit of time in your bed, you can make a huge impact on how well or much you sleep every night.

Want more information on how to create the perfect cozy room? Read our other blog: Create a Cozy Guest Room


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