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Maximize Your Room with Drapes

Hanging Drapes - Picking Drapes - Window Treatments
 Like paint, drapes can dramatically change the look of any room without costing a lot of money. They are the finishing touch that transform your area and give it unique character while serving a purpose.  To help make the most of your room, Jennifer Adams shares a few drape hanging tips.

Bedroom Drapes
In the bedroom, the most important element is function. You want the window treatments to reduce the amount of incoming light to ensure a good night's sleep.  It is recommended that the drapes have a blackout lining behind the decorative fabric of the drapes.

For the decorative fabric, find a style that ties into your headboard or throw pillows to bring the whole room together.

Make your room seem taller by placing curtain rod near ceiling
Maximize the Room
Make your ceilings seem taller by putting the curtain rod closer or flush to the ceiling.  This will expand the height of the room and give it a taller feeling next time you enter the room.

You can stretch the size of your windows by extending the curtain rods from one side of the room to the other.   Cover the blank wall space on either side with the drape fabric.

Get the most of your view! When inserting the rod, make sure it extends beyond the window area.  This will allow you to open the curtains without blocking the view offered by the window.

Go Bold
For bold drapery patterns, use the same fabric to create pillows for your sofa or lounge chairs.

If you use a pattern on your curtains, make sure your area rug is a bit more simple in design so they are not competing for attention.

Add Length to Drapes with Pennies - Penny Weight Drapes
Stretch Your Drapes
When you have lightweight draperies or curtains that are just a bit short, there's a way to get a bit more length. Open up the hem and drop a couple of pennies or light weights into the hemline to stretch the fabric.

Purely Decorative
When the purpose of your drapery is purely decorative, take a panel of fabric and simply hang it between the window panes or wall space.

A simple trick for getting nice full draperies is in the layering.  Between the decorative fabric and the lining, insert a third layer made of felt.

Go Neutral Outside
One last tip for hanging drapes is to make sure the backside of your curtains are in a white or neutral color. This will make a nice presentation on the outside of your home when the drapes are pulled closed.

Watch Jennifer's "Better" segment for more ideas on hanging drapes.

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