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Home How-To Tips: Folding a Fitted Sheet

Take the Corners
One of the most popular How-To Home videos on is "How to Fold a Fitted Sheet".

For those of you wondering how to tame that unruly bottom sheet for your linen closet, here are some simple tips for your next laundry day.

1) Turn the sheet inside out.  This exposes the corners or pockets.  Take one corner in each hand.

2) Reach toward the inside of the sheet (the side of the sheet that is toward you) and grab the other two corners -- one in each hand. At this point, the sheet is folded in half with the corners and outside edge matched up and two corners in each hand.

3) Take your right hand and bring it over to the left hand, wrapping the fabric around your hand. Shake it out.  You should have the four corners in your left hand.

Lay flat, smooth out and you should see the "L".
4) Lay the folded sheet onto a flat  surface and smooth it out. Where your hands were should reveal a nice large "L".

5) Take the folded corner and fold it over about 1/3 of the way. Smooth it out.

6) Fold it over again and smooth it out. At this point, you should have a long rectangle with a "lumpy" side (the corners).

7) Take the "lumpy" side and fold it over three times.

Jennifer demonstrates how step-by-step in the video below.

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