Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Design: How to Create an Overdyed Rug

Do you love oriental style rugs but want something modern or monochromatic? Like the idea of repurposing old rugs to a bright new life? The process of overdying is becoming a big trend. Bold bright colors that allow the original textures and patterns to show through appear on full size rugs.

Patchwork rugs are made up of pieces cut up from other rugs and stitched together. Sometimes the entire patchwork rug is overdyed for a consistent color. Sometimes patchwork rugs are made up of other rugs that were overdyed before being cut, which creates an interesting effect of similar colors in a new rug but not quite matching. I love the ones that have different sized pieces!

The overdyed trend probably started out with rug dealers with old, worn rugs who tried to add new life to the rugs. Have you ever thought about re-dying your favorite black T-shirts, sweaters or jeans to restore the deep hue after it faded? I bet it went something like that, and somebody thought it looked great. Either that, or somebody spilled the vat of dye while trying to re-dye just a small section as a repair!

I first encountered artisanal overdyed vintage rugs (like the green one below) at Kush Rugs in Portland, Oregon years ago. I loved the bright colors and bold look, and since then have seen them in magazines. Elle Décor’s current issue, October 2012, features a lovely blue overdyed rug, probably vintage, on the cover. The style has trickled down to other outlets including patchwork rugs at West Elm and even Flor, where you can build your own patchwork rug out of carpet tiles in an overdyed style.

West Elm’s “Cadiz” rugs (shown at the top) go for $199-1299 and are new wool rugs cut up and stitched together, they are not truly overdyed. But they are handmade, and the variations are still unique and interesting. Flor’s "Rememberance," "Pretty Promise" and "Re-Oriented" carpet tiles are machine made in monochromatic oriental-styled patterns, and you can mix them up however you like, as seen above. They are $15-18 per 19.7” square tile. Prices may not include shipping.

I also love the look of a true worn vintage rug, but I also appreciate the boldness of an overdyed rug as well, for a more modern space. It is also possible to DIY it, if you have the space, don’t mind working with chemicals and messes and don’t care what the end result really is.

Until next time!
--Elaine Bothe

Photos courtesy of Kush Rugs, West Elm and Flor

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