Monday, June 4, 2012

Design Tips: Recliners for Modern Homes

Grandpa’s recliner. Not the most attractive chair in the house, but I bet it was the most comfortable! Did you have to arm wrestle your brother for it, just to have Grandpa kick you out? Is it still hanging around in a basement someplace?

Trusted classics like La-Z-Boy are still around and set the bar for comfort. The styles, while updated a lot from years past, are still quite traditional. If you’re wistfully longing for the embrace of a cozy recliner but want a streamlined look, there are fortunately some new options for you!

Room and Board recently introduced their line of Modern Recliners. Sleek, slim and smaller than the big overstuffed styles, the Harper (shown at top) comes in a lovely range of leather and retails for around $1900. The welcoming Martin chair (below) is a little boxier and doesn’t look like it reclines! It’s a little more expensive at around $2000. Both the Martin and the Harper have matching companion furniture including ottomans and sofas.
And of course the authority of modern, Design within Reach, has a select few ultra sleek options. The wood and leather Milo Baughman Recliner 74 (pictured center) will fit nicely into any Mid Century Modern or contemporary home and has three reclining positions from fully laid back to upright with a footrest. It retails for $2800.

And many department stores and other furniture stores may have a modern option or two tucked in a corner someplace. The best way to buy a recliner is to test it out in person if you’re serious about your lounging. Or, shop for the best look, if that’s a higher priority.

Until next time!
--Elaine Bothe

Images courtesy of Room and Board and DWR.

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