Friday, June 29, 2012

Create a New Look: Living Room

Rearrange Your Furniture - Draft It On PaperAre you looking for a fresh new look for your living room? Before you start shopping for all new pieces, consider rearranging your current furniture. Jennifer Adams has a few tips to revamp your living space into a comfortable gathering spot.

Before you start rearranging, it is recommended that you take the time to measure the size of the room and each piece of furniture. Then, map out your room on paper, or graph paper, first. Experiment with various layouts and furniture placement before actually moving any of your large pieces of heavy furniture.  This will save you time, energy and wear and tear on your back.

There are resources online, in books and possibly even something you have seen in a friends house or on a movie that may inspire you.  All of these are great resources to help you map out the ideal arrangement for your space.

Living Room Decor and Furniture Arrangement
In regards to placement, find a focal point for each room. Whether it’s a fireplace, an amazing view or a piece of artwork, decide where you want to center attention and position pieces around it. I am a huge fan of placing chairs on each side of the fireplace or window with the chairs looking back into the room. It's very cozy and makes for great conversation.

 When positioning your chairs and sofa, make sure you don't spread them to far apart. A good rule of thumb is to allow no more than eight feet between your chairs and your sofa. Plus, create balance within the room by placing large objects on opposite sides of the room. Personally, I'm fond of the one-arm sofa over the sectional version. It still gives a very nice arrangement, but with a touch of sophistication.

Make Sure You Have Good Traffic Flow
It is important to have good traffic flow in and around your furniture arrangement. Make sure you have 14 to 18 inches between the seating furniture and the coffee table in a living room. Also, avoid layouts that force people to cut through conversation areas or in front of the television.

 Don't be afraid to break up a large, open space. This can be done by grouping furniture by activity, such as lounging, working, eating, etc. You can use area rugs to define each area or zone. Plus, an area rug is the perfect final touch for any room. It grounds the arrangement and brings the look together.

Create a Whole New Look For Your Living RoomThese are just a few ideas for rearranging your living room or entertainment area. Your home is an expression of you, so arrange your furniture in ways that make you comfortable and reflect your taste.
And feel free to experiment as much and as often as you like. You will find the perfect setup for you and your furniture.

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Anonymous ottoman said...

Thanks for the ideas for creating an updated living room look. Thanks for the information about creating comfortable traffic flow.

July 5, 2012 at 8:44 AM  

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