Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bedroom Colors For Better Rest

I admit it. I am one of those people that used to pick colors based upon my likes without taking into consideration how the color combinations could impact mood or even my quality of sleep.

However, I have learned that the hues you select for your bedroom can help you sleep better.

"Better sleep - that's one of the most sought after things and also the most elusive," says Jennifer Adams.

She recommends a tranquil color palette to set a tranquil, relaxing tone in your sleeping space. But tranquil doesn't mean all white or ivory tones. Soft butter cream, sage, light blue, mountain blue and even a chocolate brown can produce the same low-key environment.

For example, you could use a a soft butter cream sheet with a matching color on the walls. Contrast this with a pop of white, such as a comforter or pillows.

Another spin on this is to use chocolate brown on a wall and beige or white for the bed with pops of chocolate brown for an accent.

Some colors that are not recommended for bedroom decor due to their intensity are black, bright yellow, reds and navy blue.

When selecting bedding, Jennifer Adams also recommends soft textures. It is best to avoid big or bold patterns and nothing rough.

Less is more when it comes to creating the ideal peaceful environment in your bedroom. Keep the furniture and decor to a minimum. Also, try to reduce the amount of electronics, such as televisions, exercise equipment and even photos. This is your area to relax, decompress and focus on you.

For more tips and advice, watch Jennifer Adams' segment on Better.

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Weegee Manlove - Staff Contributor

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