Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Tips: DIY Kitchen Upgrades

How long have you been in your place? I've lived in my house now for eight years. Before we moved in, we did a major kitchen facelift. Major in effect, but actually very minor in cost if you compare it to a full-on remodel.

Our kitchen layout was fine. So were the cabinets and tile. Not ideal, mind you, but not $20,000 bad. Or more. A lot more. To change the walls to get more space would have probably been a LOT more than that.

What needed to change was first of all a thorough cleaning. THOROUGH. Ugh. Then a new floor, paint, cabinet hardware, a faucet and we splurged on new appliances including a high quality vent hood. So, for only $10,000 we got a great looking, functional new pro-style kitchen. Done!

We saved a bundle by doing a lot of it ourselves. There is no way to pay anyone enough money to get something as clean as you want it. At least, we wouldn't be able to afford it! There were grease-cicles hanging from the counter edges and everything was sticky, dusty and gross.

We sanded the cabinet faces and refinished them, and cleaned all the shelf-paper sticky residue off the shelves. That was a chore! We then primed and repainted the interiors of the cabinets.
We cleaned and re-used the cabinet hinges so we wouldn't need to re-drill holes. Fortunately they were not painted! Just greasy.

We chose modern looking drawer pulls with screw-holes that matched the old. This was important since the outer faces are stained, not painted. We couldn't fill holes and have it look decent.

We took out the existing flooring to the subfloor ourselves and hired out someone to float out the floor and lay new linoleum. The real stuff. And, demolition is often easy, just messy.

We were lucky. Most people are not, living with kitchens that don't work, are dingy and dark or who-knows-what. Ours was both dingy and who-knows-what but at least the light is good. If you just need some tweaking to set things right, Better Homes and Gardens' website recently published a wonderful article "20 Low Cost Kitchen Updates that use DIY Labor."

From inspirational images of painted cabinet finishes, to pot racks, shelves and pretty draperies, this article's beautiful kitchens can be a jump-off point for your own DIY aesthetic kitchen fixes!

Until next time!
--Elaine Bothe

Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

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