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Design Tips: Trends in the Hotel Industry

Hotels these days are working hard, trying to find interesting and appealing perks and strategies to attract and keep customers. Old-school or new-school, the latest trends are designed to keep you entertained, attend to all your needs and make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Accommodations for your pets, mood lighting, souvenirs available for purchasing incuding the soaps, towels, linens and even beds themselves, as well as uniquely local dining experiences are just a few amenities that are surfacing.

Following are more trends quoted from hospitality industry newsletters from Carrie Gates' firm, Absolute Procurement LLC and including information from the article "Andrew Freeman & Co. reveals 2011 Hospitality Trends" appearing on Hospitality World Network's website.

“When We Say Relax, We Mean It – Hotels are shedding the layers and going casual. It’s only a matter of time before hosts and concierges ditch the full fledged uniforms and adopt a corporate casual dress code. Expect to see people behind the front desk in jeans and unique branded shirts or blazers, and less formal and friendlier service style.

Examples: Axel Hotels (multiple locations worldwide)

DYO Design – Chalkboard walls, white boards and removable paint give guests artistic outlets and creative license to really personalize the experience. Not to mention something to talk about.

Examples: Jupiter Hotel (Portland, OR); white boards and markers at Hotel Keen (Palo Alto, CA)

For Eatsakes! – Bring home a taste of your trip as hotels provide a small taste of the experience by selling customized and special locally produced edible souvenirs. Some hotels are even creating an entire marketing hall experience (see Marketing 101 Day or Night).

Examples: Adour Macarons at St. Regis New York (New York, NY); Jeffrey Chodorow’s Food Parc at the Eventi hotel (New York, NY); The Plaza Food Hall at The Plaza (New York, NY)

Credit App
– As hot
els embrace and adopt modern technology, guests will be able to check in and check out with the swipe of a phone. Call for room service – and have it billed to your phone – your iphone. Hotels will work with services similar to Paypal and Bling Nation to provide direct billing to mobile devices. You'll be able to swipe your phone to enter your room too.

Flight Attendance – Hotels offer guests a smooth landing by providing remote check-in at the airport upon arrival.

Examples: The Peninsula (Beverly Hills, CA); AnaYela (Marrakesh, Morocco)

Smaller Is Better – Hotels are giving more love to groups of all sizes, especially the smaller ones. From intimate weddings to small business retreats, guests will see more ease in booking and complimentary incentives come their way as hoteliers are continuing to look for ways to fill their rooms and meeting spaces throughout the year.

Examples: Kimpton Hotels & Resorts’ Small Groups Made Simple program; River Terrace Inn’s More, More and More Meetings Package (Napa, CA)”

Photos courtesy of The Jupiter Hotel, Portland, Oregon and the Epic Hotel, Miami, Florida.

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Great idea and beautiful photos ,these photos help to design the new hotel...Hotel Design

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