Monday, August 1, 2011

Design Tips: Instant hot water dispensers are indispensable

You don’t think you need one. Just one more thing to add to your appliance list, right? And, what about the skanky gross thing at that beach rental you stayed at once or horror stories of tanks rusting through and leaking while people go on vacation?

Um, yeah, fair enough. There is some old garbage out there.

A good one is worth a little more money… I’m loving my new one, the first one I’ve owned. It’s the Insinkerator Indulge, available in both contemporary and traditional styles and in a multitude of finishes.

And how about all the things you can do… conveniently and easily, from the obvious task of providing hot water for tea and instant oatmeal to more creative uses such as quick-thawing frozen vegetables for a stir fry, warming a baby’s bottle or your coffee cup, or melting frozen homemade pops from their containers. How about removing labels off bottles and cleaning candle holders? And blanching peaches and tomatoes to speed removing their skins? Cleaning jewelry! For more hot water dispenser tips from Insinkerator, click here.

A hot water dispenser will also help save water. I use mine to rinse sticky stuff fast, provide a head start on your pasta water and quickly warming up my cat’s refrigerated wet food, all without waiting for my regular faucet to warm up.

As if all that wasn’t enough of a reason to install one, how about filtered drinking water? How about chilled filtered drinking water? Great for those oversized water bottles that won't fit into your refrigerator's dispenser.

Insinkerator’s fabulous Indulge line provides a wide variety of accessories that will make your life much better, whether you think it will or not. Their stainless steel tanks won’t rust through as fast as lesser models, and their filtration system filters the water before it even enters the tank, thus even further reducing potential problems. You can also adjust the temperature.

I’ve been using mine trouble free, several times a day –hot and cold -- since I bought it. Insinkerator’s website says that once people get a dispenser they don’t want to live without one. Who knew it, but they’re right! I’m a convert!

Until next time!

--Elaine Bothe

Resources and photos courtesy of Insinkerator.

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Anonymous Gregory said...

I really wanted this dispenser for my kitchen equipment. If I have this dispenser so I can prepare hot water for making coffee with great ease. Everyone will want to have these dispensers to complement their kitchen appliances.

September 7, 2011 at 7:12 PM  
Anonymous Emil Yau said...

We love instant hot water :) And the in sink types (like the InSinkerator you mention) is great! An alternative is the countertop hot water dispenser (the most popular brand being Zojirushi). Plusses: no installation versus the in sink, portable (can move to the dinner table), and cheaper - about half the cost as in sink. Minuses: NOT instant (still needs time to heat), smaller capacity than in sink tanks, and the cleaning/descaling is a chore. But just wanted to write about another option we often recommend, mostly to those who are not yet ready to commit to the idea of the in sink instant hot water. Just another thought. Thanks for the great article!

May 14, 2012 at 11:33 AM  

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