Friday, July 2, 2010

The Upstairs and cupcakes!

It's birthday time around our household so I'm sorry for the late post! I'm back with our "to-do" list and floorplan! So here is our upstairs...

The master bathroom is a little off, our bathtub isn't quite that long and skinny but hopefully you get the jist of it! As you can tell our guest bedrooms are really....really small. Then our master bedroom is really big while our master bath is pretty small. We have quite a few ideas for the upstairs so here we go with the list....

1. Remove the wall to "guest bedroom 3" and create a loft office. (The wall with the arrow pointing to it)

2. Remove closet in "guest bedroom 3" to create a niche for my desk/credenza.

3. Remove carpet and install hardwood floors in landing, loft, and master bedroom.

4. Replace ceramic tile in bathrooms with travertine.

5. Replace carpet with high pile plush carpet in guest bedrooms and stairs. (Trying to talk Ian into creating a "runner" with carpet and hardwood but we'll see)

6. Stain cabinets darker and possibly replace cultured marble countertops with granite or travertine tile.

7. Figure out what to do with odd space between the toilet and vanity in the guest bathroom. We're thinking shelving or expanding the vanity to be double sinks.

8. Replace all hardware with oil rubbed bronze.

9. Buy/make/revamp furniture for guest bedrooms. Also need to accessorize those rooms.

10. Replace nightstands with something that looks better/matches. Need to accessorize and add some art in the master bedroom also.

11. Revamp guest bathroom. It needs some art or something!

12. Possibly paint guest bedrooms. We requested our master bedroom to be a soft green (which looks blue in the sun) and the painters painted all bedrooms upstairs that color, but I'm not complaining because it was free (gotta love your dad being a general contractor)! But I would like to repaint those rooms someday.

13. Replace wood blinds with white blinds or shutters.

14. Upgrade baseboards.

15. Add window treatments in bedrooms.

16. Wallpaper window wall in my office loft! (Super excited about that one!)

Our number one priority for the upstairs is creating the loft office (my office is currently in our family room) and installing hardwood floors. Stay tuned for our landscaping to do list!

But in the spirit of the 4th of July weekend my DIY project for this weekend is the recipe for the red, white, and blue cupcakes I'm making for a BBQ this weekend!

image courtest of

To make these cuties you need white cake mix, cupcake pans, red & blue food coloring, cream cheese frosting (or just vanilla), zip-lock bag and some patriotic sprinkles! All you do is create the cake batter with the mix (follow box instructions...or you can make yours from scratch if you choose but I'm a box baker) and divide the batter in thirds. Leave one third plain, die one third red, and the last third blue with your food coloring. Line your cupcake pan with white liners. Now drop a spoonful of blue batter in the liners and shake the pan to have batter lie flat. Next, add a spooful of the plain batter and shake the pan and repeat with red. Your liners should be 3/4 of the way full. Next, follow box instructions to bake. While the cupcakes are baking add your frosting to a zip-lock bag and cut off a piece of the corner to create an icing bag. When the cupcakes are done use your bag to ice the top of the cupcakes. Add sprinkles and voila! I'm also baking red white and blue sugar cookies and cutting them into small stars to add to the top of the cupcakes! I'll post a picture next week to show you how they turn out...wish me luck!

Have a FABULOUS holiday weekend! Because Ian is a firefighter I get to hear all kinds of crazy stories of what silly people do on 4th of July... so be safe!

Happy Friday! DIY Jill

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