Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Power of Color

We all have our favorite brands. Not only do we recognize them by their distinct logos but by their branding color.

Color is an important design element. We personally identify with color because it elicits an emotional response. Brands know this and count on the color's powerful ability to remind us about that brand.

Once I was driving with my two year-old nephew and he pointed out the window and exclaimed, "Look, McDonald's, Auntie!" Obviously the little guy could not read the name of the restaurant, but he knew the brand by their infamous "Golden Arches". Color is a very potent branding tool.

Some of the brands we love have colors that are very distinct, especially when combined with
their corporate identity.

This lovely box on the left needs no introduction. Many of us would know exactly what to expect when receiving a package like this. Tiffany & Co. has such a strong connection with this color that people often describe this shade of blue as "Tiffany Blue". Wow! What an impact.

The Home Depot just wouldn't be the same without their vivid orange branding.

This dynamic duo of a logo and branding color can make some of you get up from your desks now and head out for a grande skinny vanilla iced latte!

Another sector of brands and the importance of color are sports teams! Sometimes all you have to see is a color combination, and it will automatically bring a team to mind.

Purple and Gold! A great combo (and team may I add):

The Dallas Cowboys star isn't THE Dallas Cowboys star without it's proud color:
The University of Texas Longhorns have such a distinct color that it's burnt orange logo and team color is referred to as "Texas Orange." While ordering something online a few months ago, I scrolled through the color options and one of the choices was Texas Orange. That's some serious branding power. Hook 'em!

The power of color is amazing! Keep that in mind when you are building your brand!

Amber Caldwell
Creative Director
Anchor Marketing and Design

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