Monday, May 31, 2010

Design Tips: Focal Chairs are Functional Art, Sometimes

Love a crazy bold chair, but it’s too expensive to buy a pair? Find something fabulous but it’s fantastically uncomfortable? Need a focus to your family room besides the TV and you don’t have a fireplace?

Focal chairs are perfect for that awkward corner in your living room or anywhere you just can’t figure out what else to put there.

Iconic, cliché, heirloom, art… or just plain interesting. You get to decide. Comfy or not, bright or dark, a focal chair combines art with hospitality. You could sit in it… but that’s not the point because it’s too far away from the rest of the room to be social. Or maybe the light is too dark for a beautiful plant or too small for a proper reading area with a traditional armchair.

Add a focal chair. It’s cool to look at. You just like it and can’t bear to part with it. The fabric is more colorful or crazy than the rest of the room. Or it has a story like Grandpa’s crusty old leather armchair with all the color worn off at the arms or Auntie’s last remaining dining chair with half the caning artfully missing.

If you can sit in it, great. But if it’s not comfortable, well, it’s still art. And, therefore, worthwhile. Enjoy it!

Until next time,

--Elaine Bothe


“Joe” Lounge chair (the one that looks like a baseball mitt), “Jens and Laub” lounge chair and ottoman (at the top) and photos from Hive Modern.

“Smoke Chair”(the French style black one) and photo from Moooi.

Ralph Lauren “Marseilles” Club Chair (the comfy looking brown one below) and photo from Ralph Lauren Home.

Eames lounger and ottoman (you know which one this is, in the living room image) photo courtesy of Steelform.

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