Monday, April 19, 2010

Design Tips: Japanese Dishes make Fabulous Bath Accessories

To truly enjoy Japanese cuisine you get to use all your senses, especially your eyes. Each delicacy is gorgeous to behold, each presented exquisitely on a separate plate or tiny dish designed especially for that food.

Square sushi plates. Tiny vertical custard cups with cute little lids. Round plates for the pickled plums. Little rectangular plates for things I can’t identify. I’d hate to be a dishwasher in Japan! The largest traditional plate is the size of an American saucer it seems. The shapes, the textures, the colors of the dishes are as varied as all the foodstuffs oAdd Imagef Japan itself.

I love Japanese dishes because they are beautiful objects by themselves and I use them as accessories around the house, especially the bathroom. Rustic and earthy, sleek and modern, always handsome and charming, you’re sure to discover something you like.

I use the small bowls and plates as unique soap dishes. The custard cups are the perfect size for cotton swabs or a few cotton balls. Larger saucers hold miscellaneous treasures such as interesting stones, shells, sticks or leaves. Rice bowls with lids hide hair accessories or makeup supplies, or anything you need to have handy. Use your imagination!

And, they can be very inexpensive.

Japanese style dishes are sold individually and as sets at Asian grocery stores, online and at some upscale groceries such as some Whole Foods or New Seasons locations. Keep your eyes out, and have some fun!

Until next time!

--Elaine Bothe

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